"3D workflow automation for advanced simulation and training for rail and urban mobility solutions", or TrackGen, is a research and development project whose aim is to automate the creation of photo-realistic 3D railway simulation environments based on a set of heterogeneous geographical data. The project is based on two components using innovative techniques: (1) Geographic data processing and imaging processes based on AI (computer vision) in order to create digital twins oriented towards railways and cities. (2) The creation of tools and editors which, on the basis of the digital twin, will make it possible to automatically recreate the visual environment of a simulator that can be used in the context of driver training. 

Partners: TransurbGIMSirris
With the support of Logisitics in Wallonia  

Erasmus+ EnRHEd


The project "Enhancement of Rwandan higher education in strategic fields for sustainable growth" deals with some urgent needs that affect Rwanda, by taking into account that good quality Higher Education Institutions provide good professionals and make a decisive contribution to the development of the entire education system. The project aims at improving the quality and internationalization of Higher Education programmes and the qualification level of both teachers and graduated students in some leading Rwandan Higher Education Institutions. In order to train the future highly qualified teachers, professionals and experts, two main educational fields, that are considered strategic for sustainable growth, are selected: (1) Food Science and Technology and (2) Environmental Protection, Safety and Management. The general objectives are enhancing qualification of teachers, in particular of future university teachers, in key scientific disciplines and increasing number and skills of graduated professional people, trade employers, crafts and technicians in those economic fields where labour supply is expected to be wider in the coming years, i.e. food production and processing, land planning, environmental protection.

Partners: UNIPR, RFH, ULiège (FS & FSA), University of Rwanda (UR), INES-Ruhengeri, IPRC, UTAB

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